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33northforchange… An Introduction February 25, 2009

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During the 2008 primary and general election the northern arm of the bizarrely gerrymandered Congressional District 33 was one of the most successful districts in the country at exporting, now president, Obama’s message of hope and change. Continuing in this spirit, 33 North for Change is working to hold President Obama to the promises he made during the election and advocate for the policies we elected him to pursue. With a groups of organizers, both new and experienced, we can step up to the challenges facing our country.

This blog is intended as an informational site for anyone interested in cooperating as a part of this organization in promoting change.


One Response to “33northforchange… An Introduction”

  1. Carol Newton Says:


    Found it! It looks great! I’m working with Lyn on an email about our Steering Committee meeting; look for it in the next 24hrs or so.

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