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Employee Free Choice Act! March 15, 2009

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Rep. Watson was one of the co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act when it was introduced in Congress on Tuesday.

By co-sponsoring this bill from the very beginning, Rep. Watson lent critical support ā€“ and helped counteract the multi-million dollar campaign by corporate lobbyists to defeat this bill.

Please take a moment to thank Rep. Watson for standing up, speaking out, and being a leader for

As a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, Rep. Watson is standing up to the unionbusters and greedy CEOs who ran this economy into the ground ā€“ the same ones who will stop at nothing to make sure workers don’t get a fair shake.

The decision to co-sponsor the bill was not an easy one for any representative. That’s why it’s critical Rep.
Watson hear from you.

Thank Rep. Watson for co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act.

With your help, and with Representative Watson leading the charge, we’ll pass the Employee Free Choice Act and give workers a fair chance to bargain for better pay, benefits, and job security.
And we’ll help restore the struggling middle class to make the economy work for everyone.


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