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The Next Big Push for Obama March 15, 2009

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We need 2 volunteers to organize the Obama Pledge Project for next Saturday, March 21.

Please contact Carol or Lyn if you can volunteer.
Carol – Carol.Newton@TestEquity.com Lyn – lynfilm@gmail.com

President Obama has asked us to organize a Pledge Project Canvass on March 21. It is a way for us to engage our neighbors and friends and ask them to pledge their support for President Obama’s bold agenda on Healthcare, Education and Energy. The partisan politics being played out in Washington needs to stop.

One of the best ways to make this happen is to make a strong, national, grassroots show of support for our president.

We have been asked to plan a canvass event and post it on the MYBO website. We can also download host instructions, the pledge form, tally sheets and volunteer sign ins at —

This project is very similar to voter registration drives, but we’ll be asking members of our community to sign pledge forms instead. Set goals for our volunteers — maybe 100 pledges per person.  With just 1,000 people, that’s 100,000 pledges of support!

Locations should be located in high traffic areas or in neighborhoods where we can easily go door to door.

Now let’s go change the world.

For more detailed info go to


One Response to “The Next Big Push for Obama”

  1. 33northforchange Says:

    This is the message the White House sent to initiate this push:

    The next few weeks will be some of the most important our movement for change has encountered yet.

    Mitch wrote to you earlier this week about Organizing for America’s Pledge Project — an effort to identify and mobilize support across the country for the economic vision President Obama has outlined in his budget.

    If you haven’t yet done so, pledge your support now and ask your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

    The budget that passes Congress has the potential to take our country in a truly new direction — the kind of change we all worked so hard for. We didn’t fight to shy away from the tough long-term decisions Washington has ducked for far too long.

    President Obama knows, as you do, that our future strength and prosperity depends on Washington finally taking the hard and smart steps in energy, health care, and education that will make sure America and its families are strong for decades to come.

    And while his budget reflects those important values and priorities, the President also understands the government has to cut spending like so many families and businesses are being forced to do now. He invests where we need to and cuts where we must.

    In the next few weeks we’ll be asking you to do some of the same things we asked of you during the campaign — talking directly to people in your communities about the President’s ideas for long-term prosperity. But first, start with your own pledge of support, and the support of your friends, family, and neighbors:


    We know this fight won’t be easy. But important battles never are. Together, we have the opportunity to shape our country’s future. We believed in the power of people to win an improbable election victory. And we believe in the power of people to drown out the cynics and entrenched interests in Washington to bring lasting, meaningful change we can all be proud we played a role in.

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