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Help Push for Obama’s Budget March 26, 2009

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Help pass Obama’s budget.

Click here to sign up to call

Last night President Obama went on national television to continue pitching his visionary budget . Obama made a powerful case that this budget must invest in what is “absolutely critical to our economic future” – jobs, education, and healthcare[1].

But this morning, key members of the budget-writing committees are talking about scaling back, and a coalition of conservative Democrats and Republicans are threatening to stop the bill altogether[2] .

We’ve got less than 4 days to convince Congress to back Obama’s budget on the first try.

Can you sign up to make calls tonight to help Obama pass his budget?

Last night we made tons of calls to TrueMajority members in the districts of key Congressmen and women who write the first draft of the Congress budget. It’s up to this handful of legislators to decide whether to deliver Obama’s whole budget to Congress, or drop essential investments. It’s essential that the President’s budget makes it through this first step, and we’re running out of time.

We’ve got less than 4 days left to convince these targeted members to back the President’s budget. After that, it gets harder to make sure we’re investing in the right priorities So we’re working together with a huge coalition of other progressive organizations to dial up the constituents of those key budget-writers, and connect them to Congress[3].

We’ve got a simple online system that handles all the dialing and everything, but we need your help to find the members in key districts who will make the calls at this important moment.

Click here to sign up to make calls tonight.


Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

1 – http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/25/us/politics/25obama.html?partner=rss&emc=rss
2 – http://www.reuters.com/article/GCA-CreditCrisis/idUSTRE52O49Q20090325
3 – http://www.rebuildandrenew.org/calls

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for TrueMajority.


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