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Regional White House Forum on Health Reform April 4, 2009

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*Regional White House Forum on Health Reform
Fifth in a Series

Monday, April 6, 10:30 AM in Los Angeles, see below
Simultaneous Forums Throughout California to Connect with Los Angeles
Forum Via Satellite
Moderated by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Governor
Christine Gregoire of Washington
• Also livestreamed on www.HealthReform.gov

• Visit www.HealthReform.gov to submit questions to be raised

WASHINGTON, DC – The fifth in a series of Regional White House Forums on
Health Reform taking place across the country will be held on Monday in
Los Angeles, California. The forum will take place at 10:30am PDT at The
California Endowment in Los Angeles. In addition to the Los Angeles
forum, local forums will take place simultaneously in San Diego, Oakland
and Clovis, California and will connect with the Los Angeles forum via
satellite. In keeping with the Obama administration’s commitment to an
open, inclusive, and transparent process for health reform, the forum
will bring together a diverse group of people to voice their concerns
and ideas on reforming our health care system.

The Los Angeles forum will be moderated by Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger of California and Governor Christine Gregoire of
Washington. Melody Barnes, director of the White House Domestic Policy
Council, will represent the Obama administration. Forum participants
will include doctors, patients, providers, insurers, policy experts and
health care advocates of all kinds – both Democrats and Republicans –
who will discuss the urgent need to provide high-quality, affordable
health care for all Americans and to curb skyrocketing health care costs
that are draining our federal and state budgets, devastating families
and small businesses, and undermining our long-term economic prosperity.

The event will begin with a video message recorded by the President, a
summary of the findings from the Health Care Community Discussions that
took place in December, and an overview of the discussion that took
place at the White House Forum on Health Reform in March.

The forum will take place on Monday, April 6th at 10:30am PDT:


Yosemite Hall

The California Endowment

1000 North Alameda Street

Los Angeles, CA

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