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Defense Budget April 10, 2009

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From True Majority:

Some of us wondered if this day would ever come. Yesterday the Secretary of Defense explained to Congress exactly the points TrueMajority members have been making for years: wasting taxes on weapons which don’t work and have no conceivable use against real-world enemies makes us LESS strong as a nation1.

Show Congress we’re ready to invest in True Security — sign the petition.


More than 35,000 TrueMajority members have signed on already, if we can get to 50,000 we will deliver your petition in person.

This is a big deal. For years we’ve called Congress, run opinion columns, put ads on the air and in the newspaper, released reports and held press conferences about wasteful programs like the F-22 fighter jet, designed to fight countries that don’t exist anymore. Admirals, generals and even a former Asst. Secretary of Defense have all said these things are unneeded — we only keep building them because they make a lot of money for defense contractors and lobbyists.

Now the Secretary of Defense is on board. Yesterday Robert Gates called for ending the F-22 program, scaling back star-wars missile programs, and more2. It’s an amazing, historic day to get the head of the Pentagon to support the idea of fixing our military spending. And we need to tell Congress WE AGREE, loud and clear.


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