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Modernize Voter Registration April 10, 2009

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Make your voice heard!

Take a few minutes to call on Congress to modernize our registration system! One sure-fire way to reach your legislators is to get your paper to print a letter to the editor.

Get started on your letter now.

With your help, Election Protection and its partners have worked valiantly to protect the rights of voters across the country, but there is still work to be done!  Help voters in 2009 by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper in support of modernizing our antiquated voter registration system.  It will take just a few minutes!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to send our 2008 Election Protection report to Congress. We are starting to build momentum, but we need your help!

Volunteer a few minutes for Election Protection 2009 by clicking here to send a letter to the editor urging Congress to modernize our antiquated voter registration system!

Senator Schumer called the voter registration system “the lifeblood of our republic.” You know what?  He’s right, but unfortunately our registration system is in dire need of a transfusion.  According to a study by leading election experts an estimated 9 million eligible Americans tried to register but failed due to barriers created by our 19th Century voter registration system in 2008!

Getting a letter published in your local paper is a great way to get your Congressional Representatives’ attention.  Taking just a few minutes out of your day to send in a letter can have a major impact.

Help out with Election Protection 2009!  Click here send a letter to the editor urging Congress to move forward with modernizing voter registration!

It’s important that we stand up for this needed change in 2009 so that more voters won’t be disenfranchised in 2010.

With your help, we’re going to ensure that all eligible American citizens are able to cast a meaningful ballot in future elections.


Jonah Goldman
National Campaign for Fair Elections
Legal Leader of the Election Protection Coalition


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