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Another Petition to Keep the Public Option September 5, 2009

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This is a joint message from TrueMajority and Health Care for America Now, a massive nationwide coalition of citizens’ groups co-founded by our parent organization, USAction. All across this gigantic movement we agree that there is one crucial thing to do right now. Read on.

— Matt Holland, TrueMajority.org

President Obama will give a major speech on health reform this coming Wednesday. In it, he’ll lay out his vision for health reform.1

Two weeks ago, on a webcast with hundreds of thousands of supporters, the President reiterated his strong support for a public health insurance option. Now, he is under enormous pressure from conservatives in both parties – and some advisers – to drop it.2

Press reports indicate President Obama has not decided what his upcoming speech will say.3 It is at this crucial moment that he needs to hear from you most.

Barack Obama ran for President on the promise of real change. He promised to break the stranglehold private insurers have on our health and our wallets, and break the stranglehold corporate money and lobbyists have on Washington.

It’s not going to be easy to change all that. That’s why the President needs to hear from you.

Can you sign this petition and let President Obama know that you’ll fight with him for a public health insurance option? Can you let him know that you’re counting on him for bold leadership to bring us quality, affordable health care including a public health insurance option?

Click here to Sign the petition.

The petition says: President Obama, we’re counting on you to fight for bold change on health care. We need quality, affordable health care we all can count on, including a strong public health insurance option. It’s the key to breaking the stranglehold that private insurers have over our health care system.

Health reform is at a crossroads.

The forces arrayed against the President are numerous. Insurance companies are spending millions every day to defeat the public health insurance option.4 Republicans are opposing anything he supports.5 Lobbyists are stoking hatred and fear at town halls around the country.6 And the media is feeding the controversy and refusing the cover the fact that pro-reform people outnumber those who are against at events.7

In this climate, President Obama needs to know you stand behind him for bold, real change.

Click here to Sign the petition to the President, telling him you stand with him for the change we all believe in – quality, affordable health care with a public health insurance option to break the insurance industry stranglehold.

As the President himself often says, change comes from the bottom up. We need to show the President and everyone in Washington that we voted for real change and we’re willing to fight for real change.

With bold leadership and the people behind him, President Obama can win the change we need – real health care reform for all, affordable coverage, and a public health insurance option.

Please Sign the petition


Matt Holland
Online Director
TrueMajority / USAction
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