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President Obama’s Health Care Address September 10, 2009

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Let’s hear what everyone thinks about what President Obama said tonight!


4 Responses to “President Obama’s Health Care Address”

  1. bambooforestfilms Says:

    I love the thoughtful comments here. If only the rest of the real world were so. I feel energized after the President’s speech to face the slog ahead on healthcare reform — both to back him up against the lies and vitriol from the right and the corporate media (which we know are not mutually exclusive), as well as to push him from the left to fight for what is in the majority interest of Americans and that which he campaigned on: the public option.

  2. Kamilah Harris Says:

    After the President’s Speech to Congress, there was one thought that entered my mind and I know a lot of people shared it…

    “Where has THIS guy been? That was GREAT. That was the guy who I voted into Office.”

    We can make millions of phone calls, canvass millions of doors in neighborhoods, get millions of petitions/declarations signed, send tons of e-mails, etc., and still be fighting a losing battle. For all of this not to be in vain, the passion, drive, and spirit has to come from the top. Obama had to speak the truth – Change The Game. August was a perfect example of what the President should not ever let happen again.

    His speech made that crystal clear. It was his speech that made me excited about my OFA Internship starting this coming week of September 14th. At the end of seeing and hearing it, it got me fired up to where I can’t wait to enter the Century City, CA Office and begin working. That speech strengthened the pride that I have in being a bonified Democrat.

    This issue of Health Care Reform cannot wait. I was at a birthday party of a relative a couple of weeks ago. One of the discussions we got into was about this issue. A few of the guests and a couple of my other relatives had said then that they did not know what to believe on it. They were hearing all sorts of things. The President’s speech, I feel, was needed badly. He needed to address, from the top, everything that was going on and said. He needed to clarify what he really wanted to see in that bill on his desk when all is said and done.

    I am grateful to President Obama for the word that we needed to hear. Haters like Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin, that South Carolina Senator who heckled, and all of them other crazy nut job people out there, are going to hate. That’s what they do best – hate. They should never have a stage or a platform to spew and spread that. They are best left ignored or called out to stop. Our mission should be loud enough to drown them out where the ball is always in our court. The President should run the message and citizens should back him up. Offense not defense.

    Holding these Health Insurance Companies, Media especially the Right Wing Media, Republican Politicians, and these Special Interests especially the Conservative Right Wing ones accountable and responsible for their actions thus far in this debate was the right thing to do. He should, as he said about messing up the process, “Call them Out!!” Talking straight to all branches of the Democratic ideology was the right thing to do. It’s time to really unite as a party and stop playing around. At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words in conquering the issues of the nation.

    Legislation has to be written clearly and interpreted clearly in order for us to understand how any national issue is going to be resolved whether we agree with it or not. Everyone must be involved to help the process to get to the right answer, solution to be passed and put into law. Remember, we all want something enforced that is going to resolve the issue and solve the problem of this nation having a broken and outdated Health Care System.

  3. van deshields Says:

    President Obama displayed in his Healthcare speech the same willingness to be fair, honest and face the issues in a democratic spirit. He knows that his office is the most important tool for the democracy.

    His “campaign” statements of “this is not about ME……..this is about YOU” remains the highlight of his political philosophy. The President initiated a process of resolve for a painfully inadequate healthcare system. The average politician would never commence attack on the powerful, imbedded interests of healthcare. It is not to say the least “prudent” or “comfortable.”

    By putting a proposal out to the Congress and making the public a partner rather than follower, he is remaining true to his campaign dialogue The process MUST be convened by the Congress to be approved. The President cannot “shove” it pass the people. He realizes this and follows the systemic pattern of democratic engagement.

    His speech last night made note of the need for CHANGE immediately. We have seen the voluminous and unbelievable resistance from the Right on anything that he does whether related to healthcare or not. In a fight of this magnitude, the President must request CHANGE from the PEOPLE, otherwise it will not succeed as viable change.

    To merely criticize the President and hold him accountable for something that he has enpowered US to do is not helping the democratic system to work adequately. The President consistently reminds us that WE have to make this happen.

    The speech furthers my appreciation for his ability to facilitate CHANGE. Although details are not the President’s alone, he has brought the product to the forefront in a realistic and professional manner. Seldom in American history has the populus been involved with national issues to this extent.

    The Public Option was alluded sto everal times and I do believe that the President is for Public Option and open to Single Pay in the future. Saying that and doing that are two quite different challenges. It is a long and cumbersome process. We will not win all of the skirmishes. We will not get everything asked for but we will bring constructive CHANGE and relief to many for many years to come. By setting the standard for process and change, the President in his speech was very willing to bring insurance companies to task.

    Now we have to not “give in” or “get tired” when we are close to victory. I have said for a long time that “resolve” will come from the entity that has “solution” to peoples’ problems in healthcare irregardless to political genre. Right now since the Republicans do not want to play fair and participate honestly and tell insurance companies that they MUST change. Consequently, the Democratic Party becomes that “entity” of resolve.

    The President did a very good job last night in articulating the problem and “meeting with the people.”

  4. Carol Newton Says:

    We have only begun to fight!

    OK, OK I’ll leave off with the cliches, no matter how relevant…tomorrow.

    It’s just too appropriate: to wit, despite the trials of August we have not lost. Contrary to the predictions of the pundits, the reports of the Public Option’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

    As I listened to our President this evening covering everything else before he even mentioned the Public Option, I was leaning heavily on my skepticism. It holds me steady when I need reassurance; maybe others of you share this positive-negative trick. Although I had promised myself that if President Obama backed off of the Public Option that I would step away and return to fighting for Medicare for All, I came away from his speech believing that he is in favor of a Public Plan to reduce costs and expand coverage over the long haul.

    Directly ahead of us is the tricky part – because we also have…not…won! Now that we know he’s with us, we have to fight harder. Whoa, you’re saying, I’ve already pushed beyond my limits (and do I ever feel that way myself).

    So, let’s get over ourselves. And let’s work smarter. We have many friends who began this fight with us, and have drifted away. Let’s get them back on board. Soon, we’ll be asking you to join us for phonebanking to contact our membership. We’ll also continue our letter collection at the Farmers’ Market.

    And speaking of telephoning, we need to use the next 2 days to flood the offices of our Senators and Representatives with calls on our own. Some need our gratitude for their steadfast support, and a promise that we’ve got their backs. For others, make sure that you emphasize that we want them to hold firm on the Public Option. Then, some need to know that you expect them to change their position and add their support.

    So, I’m in. Are you?

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