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Growing our Organization September 21, 2009

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Over the last few months, our group collected more signatures through our farmers market event than every other group except our friends over in CD30. That is an exceptional achievement. We have amazing turnout rates for our volunteers who do an amazing job getting all the pieces of this operation done.
But we can do more.
Spurred on by the multiple health care reform bills pending in Congress, we are aspiring to expand our operation to help target those areas where Congress people are on the fence about health care reform, and particularly the public option. We also want to create a structure that will be able to react qucikly to changes in the legislative adjenda. To do this we need more volunteers and organizers.
As of right now, the organizational tasks have fallen on the shoulders of a couple of very dedicated community organizers. Without them there would be no famers market events.
As the groups grows the number of tasks has grown and these few organizers just can’t carry the load going forward. It would be a great asset to our group to have a more new organizers helping with this work as well as starting new projects.
Rather than switching our operation to whatever the legislative situation demands we would rather have all aspects of our group operating at all times. Our present vision would have two operations. The first is the continued tabling at the Hollywood Farmers Market. This lets the Congress people in Southern California (most of whom agree with our progressive adjenda) that they have a wide base of support and encourage them to continue fighting for us in Congress.
The second is creating a calling structure. This would serve many functions. The first would be to contact potential and current volunteers to help build our base of activists. Additionally, it would ideally be able to mobilize to contact progressive constituents of those Congress people who are on the fence about legislation and get those voters to contact their legislators and pull them off the fence.
This is what won us the election. This is what will win us meaningful health care reform. And this is what will help us force Congress to give us the change we voted into office last November.
Don’t just stand with us, fight with us. We are the change we have been waiting for.


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