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An email from Tim on H-1B Immigration Visas March 12, 2009

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April 1, typically reserved as All Fools' Day, is indeed a fitting label 
for this coming April 1, 2009, when the H-1B Visa Lottery for 
professionals is performed.

Approximately 100,000 Visas will be awarded on this day to allow foreign 
guest workers to come to America, and live the American Dream(tm).   
These folks will be given American jobs in information technology, and 
with the full support of our Congress. 

These are not short-term visas, they allow guest workers to stay in this 
country for at least 2 years if not longer.  Variations on the terms of 
the visa actually allow the foreigner to out-stay their welcome, and 
continue to work here beyond the initial term, continuing to send their 
earnings back to their home country, having no intention of becoming US 
citizens or assimilating into our culture or society.  They are not 
interested in contributing anything to our nation, other than sucking up 
air in jobs that belong to native Americans.

The US Corporations awarded H-1B visas will also have the right to 
replace an American at will, without any issues from the fed.  That's 
right, you can be replaced by a foreign guest worker at will, and nobody 
is going to do anything about it.

This is more pressing and core to the big housing and financial mess we 
are all going through, than anything else, including health care because 
it was brought on deliberately in Congress with the help of Corporate 
America(tm).    Through a series of Machiavelian events in Congress with 
the help of lobbyists, our nations' labor force is at risk now to be set 
aside by foreign guest workers.

Until the hemmoraging of our jobs to offshore and now even inshore is 
stopped, there is nothing more important to our nations' security.

If you are not affected by this today, wake up and smell the coffee.

Contact your congressional representatives and let them know the H-1B 
has got to go--along with all the other variant guest worker 
visas--until we get our own native Americans working again.  Then, after 
we're back, the guest workers can come back. 

And for those of you who don't get what the fuss is all about,  please 
contact me off-line and I will be more than happy to give you an earful 
of what this problem has done to my career, and my families life.  You 
can google 'H-1B Lottery" and get the scoop on this problem. 

Obama, if you are listening, you need to put a stop to H-1B and any 
other visa that directly displaces American workers.  This has to be 
unambiguous, and clear.  Once we recover, fine, let them back in. 

And just in case you think I'm some sort of kook, see also:


2+2 does not equal 5, let's get rid of the mythology in labor law and 
labor policy.  This is not rocket surgery, it is all about fair trade 
and fair labor law.  Flooding our job market with foreigners is as 
ill-conceived as the housing debacle or the Wall Street meltdown.  It is 
un-American to turn your back on your own.  It is un-patriotic!

Thanks for your time!  Let's take America back!