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Set your TiVo for Health Care September 15, 2009

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One of our many volunteers wanted to share this announcement regarding a health care special on KECT:

Although the drama surrounding the current health care debate has made for some entertaining TV, it has also served as a distraction from any real analysis of the proposed reforms and their impact on Americans.

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if there’s way too much at stake for me to take sides on this issue based merely on the opinions of pundits and talk show hosts. Both political parties can make an impassioned case for their position, but only PBS offers the kind of analysis and insight you need to understand the reality behind the rhetoric.

On September 24, KCET will air a 90-minute PBS Special Report on Health Care Reform. An unprecedented collaboration of the hallmark PBS programs NOW on PBS, Tavis Smiley and Nightly Business Report, the special will include late-breaking news and analysis on the debate and will explore the potential cultural, political and economic impact of health care reform on everyday Americans.

This issue is too important to simply have an opinion. It’s essential to have an informed opinion.


President Obama’s Health Care Address September 10, 2009

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Let’s hear what everyone thinks about what President Obama said tonight!


The Role of Community Organizers in Reforming Health Care September 9, 2009

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Here is an interesting article that describes the essential role we must play in winning this debate.



Robert Reich on the Public Option

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33 North For Change Original Health Care Videos

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Lyn Goldfarb and Dustin Slaughter of 33NorthForChange produced some video. This video was posted by OFA – CA to the OFA YouTube site. And then it was removed – because it doesn’t conform to the national message. Please visit, watch and send to all your friends.

Also here was our message to Dianne Feinstein


Little late, but good info, another petition‏

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Go to the link for some good answers to the health reform myths. Also,
another petition to sign for another politician to show their position.



Some Unfortunate News September 7, 2009

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We are sorry to report that we canceled our event scheduled for Sunday, Sept 6.

Late Friday night, someone signed up for our event with a threatening screen name, and using profanity. We want to be able to continue to have events at the Market, and preserving those privileges urges us to think as they would think. We’re sure the managers of the market would not tolerate a disruptive incident.

We will be continuing our fight for the objectives we all hold dear. And we’re sure that the individual who chose this way to act out will grow bored and go away.

We will also be canceling the subsequent data management (Sunday afternoon) and sorting/compiling (Tuesday eve) work events.

Future events are still on schedule, and will proceed with notices for them coming by mid-week.